Fake Freebies

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    Fake Freebies:

    Cloned Site w/Fake Free Yearly Anniversary Offers

    Legit Site - http://www.cafechardonnay.com/

    SweetClover on 2012-08-01 15:32:44 CDT
    New one just posted today (8/1/2012). pinfreeoffers.com/ Offers free sample; you are forced to agree to allowing them or their partners to contact you via email, snail mail (junk mail) and phone (telemarketers) in order to get the sample, while they make money off of you by selling your info to junk mail, telemarketer and spam email lists.

    These fake offers started going around 1 day after site was made Jan 3,2010
    Proof - https://www.fatwallet.com/forums/arcmessageview.php?catid=22&thre
    Organic Note Pad - http://www.solarenergypittsburgh.com/about.html
    Organic Hand Sanitizer - http://www.solarenergypittsburgh.com/

    8/29/12 - New Facebook Phishing Free Offer
    Advance Auto Engineering - Microfiber detail cloth
    *New FB site made within a day
    *Another d253kj8uw8gg3b.cloudfront.net/advae-s002.jpg picture
    *Typical form that goes through without entering information
    *Phone number is dead on facebook site

    I noticed that Quality Health’s spammer partner, Lifescript Advantage, is not listed; lifescript.com/

    BEWARE - Another Presto Pizza Offer Is Out On Facebook
    "Free Presto’s Pasta Server"
    This in addition to the pizza cutter and apron

    Posted today (9/4) and deleted by mods. superbsamples.com similar to Quality Health.

    I thought this one was already listed, apparently not. fake site, doesn’t come; concentrate128.com

    This one is like diglake, branded with their own company URL samples; sandypaper.com/

    Another fake website posted, http://www.tiptonmills.com Free probiotic coffee sample. ETA: A poster in this thread claimed to have received this. So this may not be fake, but if real, why not use their real address, instead of one for an empty warehouse in a different state?

    www.swisswatchgroup.com/ domain is up for sale, but one of their shills posted a freebie from their Facebook page. So anything from Swiss Watch Service Group FB is fake.

    Free Kona Red Mountain Coffee - FB is fake. New page, no link to existing website, no website found when searched, phone number on wall goes to Dehli, India, fax provided belongs to a Las Vegas, Nevada business.

    New Facebook fake offer - American Baby Product Experts Free Baby Scissors offer. FB page lacks contact info.

    Another fake offer: Anti Snoring Center on Facebook offering a free sleep mask. Previously offered travel pillow.

    Free peppermint puff candy sample from freepuff.com/ is not legitimate.

    Skin Care Advisor is yet another fake Facebook page.

    Free T-shirt from goodmorninghawaiitv.com does not come.

    Free tea sample set and mug: facebook.com/CoffeeandTeaExperts/ is a scam offer.

    Free Christmas gift bags from Louisiana Design & Printing (printinglouisiana.net) is FAKE

    Mosquito Repellent and Antibacterial Wipes from cleanoff.net.

    Free corkscrew from Facebook.com/WineMakingSociety is another scam Facebook page. They currently are offering a free wine holder.

    Free Lavender Oil (with newsletter signup) at prettyfoofoosalonandspa. com This is a fake offer. Their website was hacked.

    Free Sesakiss sesame seeds with honey bar from Lowell Foods; lowellfoods.com/ is FAKE. Hacked Website. Business is real, offer is not.

    Free dog dental care kit from k9pearlywhites.com, Hacked Website. Business is real, offer is not.

    Free latex coated work gloves from motogpwerks.com/ is FAKE, business is real, offer is not.

    Free Kebroak fire starter sample for charcoal from kebroak.com /firestarters is FAKE, site was hacked into.

    Anna’s Free Chocolate sample at secure.annaschocolates.com/try/ is FAKE. You can put nonsense in the form fields, including 00000 for a zip, and it goes through. No mention of freebie on home page, no link to it.

    Extra Strength Sandy Wipes free sample from sandywipes.com is FAKE.

    Free Manicure Set from Ladue Nails & Spa, and a Free hanger,spoon or toothbrush from PSM products are both scam offers posted by the same OP who has a history of posting such offers. Possibly hacked websites, offers are not on home pages.

    Also, Free Multi-Color Bath Light from Ladue Nails & Spa September 15, 2014 [bathlight]
    Simply fill out this Short Form to receive a Free Multi-Color Bath Light from Ladue Nails & Spa. This is a LED bath light, that makes for an Awesome Freebie! Offer is while supplies last, so don’t delay! Limit one per household. Allow 3-5 weeks for Shipping.

    Contacted Ladue & Web page designer … Page is HACKED …

    MoldOff: The Mold Removal Spray … Page was HACKED … NO samples …
    NOTE: Recently, we had a page on our website hacked offering free samples. Unfortunately, we don’t offer samples and we apologize for the inconvenience. It is possible the scam was used to capture your email address, so please change your password just to be safe.

    Paintedtherapeutics Optimum 15% Vitamin C Face Wash FB page is FAKE. the real FB page is at .https://www.facebook.com/paintedearth . The company has confirmed that the page Vitamin C Face Wash is not theirs, but an act of Brandjacking, which they have been unable to shut down.

    The D’Arcy Laboratories FB page is also fake, run by the same scammers running Paintedtherapeutics, the same software for the sign-up form, same results when you put random characters in. Form goes through regardless of what’s in the form fields. Take you to same offer and same pop-up when submitted. In this case, scammers hijacked a dead company that has been in bankruptcy since Feb 2013. Domain is up for sale.

    Willy Deals, offering small jar candle, and Daily Gears, offering 4 gb flash drive, are both scam sites offering daily deals that don’t exist. Not to mention that free flash drives never come, unless you one of the lucky first 500 from one of the legitimate magazine subscription websites.

    Lifesource vitamins on Facebook, company is real, FB page is not.
    Black Seed Oil on FB, is fake, domain is up for sale.

    Sunvibes, see https://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/962855/m14299854/#m1429985

    Cali Glow on Facebook is a scam page, the real Cali Glow Skincare on Facebook is a victim of Brandjacking.

    Free Sample GPN Coffee - Hazelnut or Columbia Varieties is a possible phishing website.

    Anything, ANYTHING, from myhealthyinfo.com. Over a dozen free offers for products that don’t exist anywhere, but on the myhealthyinfo website. Definitely a spam harvester and data collector. Their T&C policy requires you to accept contact by phone and email, from their affiliates, regardless of your being on the Do Not Call list.

    Verified Coffee is a fake run by Panama scammers, it is a clone of an actual, legitimate, business. Pop-up you get after submitting form takes you to a classic MLM scam.

    The Spicy Gourmet is a fake business, attempting to align itself with a real business, Santa Barbara Spice Company.

    Skincare sample from The M’lis company is fake, Company is real offer is not.

    Suds-n-Shine Laundry Soap sample or anything related to Bradshaw Consulting, Alumaloy, Castaloy, etc, etc, etc. Never comes, old domains going back 3, 14 & 17 years.

    Blackrock Manufacturing Solutions Highball Glass has been verified to be a fake Facebook offer.

    The folks that run the freecoffeeoffer.com scam page are back with a clone at a new URL, tryvitae.com. Neither are legit. ETA 9/23/2017: And theirrrrrr baaaaaack! Another shill posting, another link for free coffee from Vitae. Same scam, different URL. Slimroasttrial.com.

    angeldiapers.com is fake.

    www.mnogo-mebely.ru/free-measuring-tape/ Russian website hack, fake.

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    Date Posted: Jul/25/2012 9:47 AM
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    We all want freebies, but sometimes the bad guys play on that desire. None of these supposed freebies will ever come. The entire purpose of these fake freebies is to harvest your personal data for spamming, or worse, purposes. Don’t fall for them! If you find anymore, please add them to the Wiki and I’ll update the list.

    FAKE Freebies:

    Acidophilus Pearls

    Agrimarks Plant Markers for Gardens

    Airwick car air freshener

    alice woodrum shaping spray

    Alterna Skincare for Hair *http://www.alternahaircare.com/AmericanSalon/index.html

    anti flatulence filter

    Any Offers with the URL

    Aramdek.com – Free balloons ”Our Promo Pack includes: - 3 Balloons, – Pen, – Keychain, – Bottle Opener, – Our Catalog

    ARouge Zenyaku skin care samples - *http://www.zenyaku-usa.com/Zenyaku_Contact.asp

    ashley cardell chocolate

    Awakening supplement

    Baby Barn Baby Body and Hair Wash and Soft Skin Baby Lotion *www.baby-barn.com

    Baby Blanket

    Free Head Massager from Virginia Beach Massage
    Free Set of LancrOne Cosmetic Brushes
    Free Nail & Pedicure Kit from United Foam
    Free Aloe Vera Sample on Facebook
    Free Soap Dispenser from Birdsall Bath
    Free Pizza Cutter From Original Presto’s Pizza

    Free French Soap

    Free Nail & Pedicure Kit from United Foam

    Cloned Site w/Fake Free Yearly Anniversary Offers

    Legit Site - http://www.cafechardonnay.com/

    Old fake freebie list (These are all pretty long in the tooth and may have long been shut down, but they are definitely ones to avoid.)
    Please do not post or sign up for freebies from the following sites…
    The freebies will never come.


    cubebix.com - free compressed t-shirt
    Smoked garlic sample from firenspice.com/smoked-garlic-sample
    splendiddelites.com/Free_sample.htm (Crownies)
    sutterscreek.com (aka Blue Bayou, LLC)

  • Free Relax Essential Oil Sample from favospa dot com is a website hack. Leads to classic 3rd party MLM scam after submission, like all the previous hacks. Local Spas don’t mail this stuff to people all over the country, they hand them out to visitors. This is probably the same scammers responsible for previous spa freebies. They get found out, and they find another spa page to hack. Then send shills to post on select freebie boards. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • Rainy Day Free Meals Sample (rainydaysecurity.com) is probably fake, for many reasons, such as the FB phone # is for a court. And address for location belongs to a single-family home.

  • More URLS for the fake Vitae coffee freebie. tryleanjava.com/free-sample, freesampleofjavanow.com/, slimcoffeemax.com/.

    Vitae slim, diet, lean, whatever… if it’s from Vitae coffee, IT’S FAKE!!!

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    FAKE ALERT: FREE Headphones SoundPRO VS-01- part of the “WebSEO” fake freebie network.
    fake Facebook accounts from Russia, Tanzania & Rwanda. WHOIS information was updated 10-27-17.

  • @mrsguin said in Fake Freebies:

    FREE Headphones SoundPRO VS-01

    promo dot soundpro dot ru/free-sample/ comes up in a search. ru is a Russian domain. Obvious red flags: The picture is for earbuds, text says headphones. There is a real company who sells headphones known as ProSOUND, fake company flips the name while retaining the same change in lower/upper case. Fake company requires you like them on FB and/or Twitter, and that you share (FB) and/or Tweet the offer (Scammers love to get you to spam their fake deals for free). The usual FB Brandjacking rule applies here, if the freebie looks too good to be true, it most likely is. Companies just don’t give away ‘samples’ of high value items. They may give full-size items to limited sign-ups, or offer extremely limited items to random, or 1st x-number of signups** Then again, is this headphones, or cheap earbuds? The specifications page shows a white set of earbuds. The page is written in Russian, needed Google Translate to read it. The handful of ‘freebie’ websites offering this, look suspiciously like shills set up by the scammers.

    ** Rare. One example are the thumb drives from the magazine subscription sites to 1st 50 or 100 responders. Another would be the EJ Gold snowflake charm given to the 1st 100 registrations, 14kt gold, diamond cut, I actually got 1. I’m sure others know of exceptions to the rule.

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    Reporting a new one, please add to your list @FrugalFreak

    Smoked garlic sample from firenspice.com/smoked-garlic-sample

    @ajohnclark said in FREE Smoked Garlic Sample:

    This is a known fake. Run by a Russian freebie site called ‘freesamplesmail’ - they share the same advertising code on both sites (and a bunch of other fakes like InTur and others).

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    will add, treat it like a wiki for all global moderators @fivetalents

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    @frugalfreak said in Fake Freebies:

    will add, treat it like a wiki for all global moderators @fivetalents

    I’m asking you for help. If you can’t do it just let me know.

  • https://phatwalletforums.com/topic/3009/free-samples-sekkisei-facial-mask-lotion-herbal-gel/2

    From sekkiseisocial-dot-com

    This was questioned on FW, somehow it missed being added to the sticky there, when it should have. Another case of the scammers at work, hoping to fool the unsuspecting. The truth is in the Domain Whois lookup.

  • This is the original FW wiki on spotting fake freebies that MumzOf2 & I provided information for. This is the reference referred to when someone ask how to recognize fakes from legitimate ones. As things change, I’ll update this wiki to keep it current.

    How to spot a possible fake scamming, spam harvesting, phishing website.

    This information is copied and pasted from another thread where the OP asked how to determine the validity of some of the questionable ones out there

    SweetClover said:
    Some tipoffs are how recent the site is, the fact that it isn’t affiliated with the manufacturer, that it adds weird disclaimers that basically absolve them of sending you anything, among other things. To further confirm my suspicions, I do a network ‘whois’ search. You will see others do this too, they use an online tool that allows them to research the domain. Here are a few I use, the first I have had/used the longest.

    Domain Dossier
    This is an oldie but goody, been on the net as long as I (1998), and offers several type of domain lookups. I recommend checking the domain & network whois boxes (the two on the left).

    ARIN Whois No longer active.

    All Nettools Smart Whois Lots of great tools here, the SmartWhois will give you info about the domain & network.

    With any of the above, enter the IP address of the offer in the dialogue box, and click submit. You get a complete history of the domain, who created it, when it was created, the server hosting it. Anything new with 1 year or less licenses is most likely a fraud, intended to harvest for spam, or phish for information. Other signs are who is hosting the domain, and who is the registrant. Common sources such as HostGator, GoDaddy & DomainsByProxy are commonly used. Images are frequently hosted on a Cloudfront server. Images are often stock images manipulated in photoshop to add custom logo’s.

    There are a lot of bogus offers being put up on the intrawebs lately, obviously intended to sucker in the clueless with a freebie. Chances are, if it’s not the manufacturer, or a reputable company authorized by the manufacturer (Like WalMart, StartSampling, etc.), it’s a fake offer.

    MumzOf2 said:
    (username removed), after a while you’ll know a bad site just by looking at it and it will prompt you to look up the domain. I can’t explain it, but the site will just have a look to it. Google ADS…if it’s a site only a few days old usually by weeks end it will be full of Google Ad Sense, a full size product too good to be true type of thing, the graphics, etc… Plus at the bottom of the page it will say not endorsed by such and such company like one other member mentioned.

    Some bad phishing sites are better at making their site look more professional, but usually a few links will always be “under construction.”

    SweetClover said:
    And to add, if you have any doubt, those Whois domain searches will give you lots of clues. I keep them bookmarked, so I have access to them at any given time. MumzOf2 is right, the site will just look ‘off’ for some reason, usually cheap layout, and such. A legitimate site will have a professional layout to it. These phishing/scamming/spamming sites, all are very amateurish looking. Some of these have been around for years, though, so sometimes you only find out by experience. KCWEB is an example of this. They’ve been scamming and spamming since I went online 10 years ago.

    More info: If you don’t see the offer on the website elsewhere, that indicates a possible hack. So the next step is to see if the company uses social media, and was this an offer exclusive to their social media accounts. If found on social media, that legitimizes the post. The social media account from which the the offer was posted, belongs in the OP.

    Post your link, then go to the link, then check the homepage for a freebie link. None there? Try the main product page (because sometimes it’s there instead). Still nothing? It’s either a) a hack, or b) it’s source is elsewhere. Next step, check social media accounts linked on website. Is it posted on the official FB, Twitter, other social media account? If yes, that’s your source. Go back, edit your OP, and show the social media account where the offer originated. If no, there’s a very good chance the freebie page is a fake inserted by a hacker. In that case, edit OP and indicate that offer may not be legitimate, and possible fake, because you couldn’t find a legitimate source for it on the website, or social media.

    It’s important to have sources for freebie links, to verify their authenticity. Scammers count on lack of knowledge & info to take advantage of unsuspecting freebie hunters, and getting them to freely give their NAZ, email & sometimes phone #'s. They then sell this to list aggregators, who then sell the lists.

  • Free Sample Of Greek Herbal Olive Oil With Comfrey, chamomile, yarrow, or rosehip. greek-olive dot com is a fake site for harvesting data.

  • pearlosophyusa dot com is a Brandjacking website, the real domain, which is based in China, is pearlosophy.org

    bettercupofjoe dot com is a scammer-run website, the scammers love the free coffee scams.

    roasterspods dot com is yet another fake free coffee sample site run by scammers.

  • en dot pkpmegatex dot com is a manufacturers website for dental equipment. They don’t make dental floss, and the free dental floss sample offer (Megatex) floating around the freebie boards is mentioned nowhere on their website. They also are a business selling supplies to another business, not consumers. This is obviously a website hack.

  • @sweetclover


    From sekkiseisocial-dot-com

    This was questioned on FW, somehow it missed being added to the sticky there, when it should have. Another case of the scammers at work, hoping to fool the unsuspecting. The truth is in the Domain Whois lookup.

    This sample did arrive
    Pictures with that days newspaper with date in background posted at that link

    If this was a fake offer, why did sample arrive?

  • This Fake Freebies seems to be long, isn’t it possible to create a app or a better way to show and search this information?

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    FAKE ALERT: Ample Cable Samples
    It has been registered for over a year and it was recently “Updated Date: 2020-05-03T12:33:30Z” — around the time this sample offer has made the rounds on social media and other freebie sites according to whois.net
    The website/company has no social media at all. Sometimes a sign of a new business, but usually a stinky red flag for a fake freebie.
    There appears to be no way to really do any business besides the samples being offered. Why offer a sample if you can’t drive any real business afterwards? Big big red flag.
    Whenever you see this popup after a form, it’s fake and confirms it being fake 100%. This popup sends you to an affiliate offer which is clearly the intention of the “free sample” here- it’s a very likely to be fraudulent offer designed to make money off your desire for a free item.
    The address doesn’t exist, it’s just a fake suite number attached to a real business address. The actual address links to Woodland Park Pet Resort-Training. Yeah, I think the dogs ate all the free cable samples.

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    FAKE ALERT: FREE Appleseed Bread Sticks, Lollipops, Choco Kindle, Instant Orange Juice, Food Apple Chips & ANY Samples On Their Website (Email Confirmation Required)
    Linked to the Russian Fake Freebie / WebSEO Network of fake freebies. In short, don’t expect anything to arrive in the mail
    FAKE ALERT: FREE Moro Cosmetics Samples
    FAKE REMINDER: All FREE Smokin’ Dave’s or Fire & Spice T-Shirts + Samples Are Part Of A Fake Freebie Network
    FAKE ALERT: Anything From The InTur Travel Agency Slippers, Cosmetic Bag, Travel Pillow, Pen & Other Offers
    FAKE ALERT: FREE Headphones SoundPRO VS-01 & All Freebies On SoundPro
    FAKE ALERT: All Freebies On Cell West Group Are Part Of A Fake Freebie Network
    FAKE ALERT: Greek T-Shirts, Olive Oil & Soap + All Samples On Their Website

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    FAKE ALERT: Free Unbreakable Wine Glasses from Palo Alto Wine Society
    take note of a fake deal from Palo Alto Wine Society offering free unbreakable wine glasses. This one has a lot of proof backing the fact that it’s a fake offer, so be careful if you ever come across it.

    One of the biggest red flags is that the website is lacking a way to do real business – there is no way to buy these glasses after requesting your free sample. Very concerning is the fact that there isn’t a way to join this wine club. That makes sense when you realize there is no registered club under that name (Google it) and they do not publish an address on their website. It also mentions a monthly club and actually having meetings for wine lovers so they can’t even get their business model right. But what’s interesting that they can manage to publish multiple fake freebies all the time! This is the page that shows up after you fill out the request form. It actually takes you to affiliate spam that they make money off. If you ever see that after signing up, you are 100% using a fake freebie offer.

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    FREE Handmade Peach Soap Sample

    the only link that works on this site is the sample link


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