Swagbucks 10% off on Home Depot and Bath & Body Works Gift Card Redemption

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    I understand some may say:

    How is this a better deal than the regular 13% discount for VISA e-gift cards? I understand the issues and complaints with said cards, HOWEVER, if your intent is simply to get store-branded gift cards, VISA e-gift cards are actually amazing. Just buy them and use them online at the merchant’s store to buy their e-gift cards, in this case HomeDepot.com.

    VISA $25 e-gift card is 2175 SB. 2x = 4350 SB
    Home Depot $50 e-gift card is 4500 SB

    And the answer is:

    The 13% discount is once per month. This isn’t limited as such, so it’s useful for high balances that would take months or years to drain if getting just one $25 Visa per month.



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