Walmart Savings Catcher Changes Effective (2/1/18)

  • Starting February 1st, the Savings Catcher program will be changing to make redemptions easier. These changes include:

    Your rewards will automatically be transferred to a Savings Catcher eGift card each time they’re earned. No need to manually redeem your rewards.

    Your Savings Catcher eGift card will be automatically saved to your account for you, so you will no longer receive emails with your Savings Catcher eGift card bar code.

    The ability to transfer rewards to a Bluebird card will be discontinued.

    Walmart Pay will become the preferred way to spend your Savings Catcher rewards in-store. Additionally, you will continue to be able to spend your rewards on

    You don’t have to immediately spend your rewards when they’re transferred to your eGift Card. You can choose to accumulate them as desired.

    For any questions or to complain about these changes, contact Walmart at 1.800.WALMART or through their social media.

  • Global Moderator

    Is this a good thing? I thought Walmart was infamous for allowing people’s GCs loaded/linked to their online accounts to be drained by scammers and refusing to do anything about it.

    It’s funny that they use the word “complain” in their contact statement. Their public affairs department needs a heads up.

  • I added the part about complaining at the end in case anyone wanted to try doing so. Not that it will make much difference. 😑

    I liked being able to move my rewards over to my Bluebird card so they could be used when ordering groceries for pickup from the neighborhood market. The grocery site doesn’t allow Walmart gift cards as payment so I’m interested in finding out if they are going to do anything about that.


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