Rite Aid Gold Status Lives!

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    Rite Aid said that the Bronze/Silver/Gold levels would end 6-30-21. Something new and improved was supposed to come. Thankfully it hasn’t.


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    Great news! I got the same e-mail on both of my accounts. I ended up racking up 1,500 Wellness points on each card in just six months. That’s a lot of spending. However, one person on hits reported that Gold discount may no longer apply if the item is on sale:

    Gold and Silver members no longer receive either the sale price or the Gold or Silver discount price, whichever is lower.

    Here’s the transcript of my chat with Adrian E. on Rite Aid’s website this morning:
    Adrian E: Thank you for contacting Rite Aid Customer Care Center. How may I help you?
    Me: Twice in the last several days I have not received my 20% Gold discount on sale items at Rite Aid.
    On 6/27, transaction #XXXXXXXX at store #XXXXX, Colgate Total Clean Mint toothpaste, regular price $4.59, rang up at $4.00 instead of Gold 20% discount price of $3.67.
    On 6/29, transaction #XXXXXX at store #XXXXX, two bottles of Listerine Ultraclean, regular price $8.49, each rang up at $6.99 instead of Gold 20% discount price of $6.79.
    It’s only 73 cents, but I am wondering, has the Gold discount been discontinued on sale prices without Rite Aid informing its Gold members of the change? I thought Gold discount didn’t reset until 7/1, which is not till tomorrow. Can you clarify? Thank you!
    Adrian E: The Wellness+ member discount does not get applies to sale price items. BonusCash would still be redeemable and the points earned would be added to your account.
    Me: I do understand that the Gold discount never applied to the sale price, only to the regular price. But it used to be that you received either the sale price or the Gold (or Silver) price, whichever was lower. Do you know when that changed? Thank you!
    Adrian E: This has been the policy for this program as long as I am aware of. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will add $2 Bonus Cash to your account to cover the difference in sale price items from these transactions, which will be available after 6am tomorrow.
    Me: Okay, thank you, Adrian, that’s very nice of you. I do think this is a change in policy (or in practice) but I appreciate your help.

    Afterwards, I did look up the Wellness+ policy on the Rite Aid website. I don’t know if this is a change, or if they have reprogrammed their registers to finally start implementing a long-standing policy, but it does read as follows:

    Tier Discounts do not apply to Excluded Items, sale price purchases, or online purchases. For clarity, sale price purchases include items that have been reduced from the original price either directly or when combined with another purchase, including but not limited to Buy One Get One FREE, Buy One Get One 50% off, Buy Two Get One FREE, Buy One Get One for $1, or any other similar sales.

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