PSA: Walgreens substitution policy on instore pick up orders (good info)

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    Once you allow substitutions, an item will only be substituted if the original item becomes unavailable after the order is placed.

    If you choose “substitute with same brand only”, the substituted item will be the same brand of the ordered item but the size or quantity may be different. If you choose ”substitute with any brand”, the replacement item may be a different brand.

    You can also enter special instructions to help guide the store associate to pick the right replacement item for you, However, we cannot guarantee that your requests will be able to be fulfilled.

    The replacement item will not be a different flavor, scent, color or other such variation unless you specify in the special instructions.

    You will never be charged more for an item that is substituted. You will be charged the same price as the originally ordered item or a lesser amount.
    Promotions, coupons, and sale prices will be honored on substituted items.

    Promotions and sale prices will be honored on substituted items. Coupons will not apply if the substituted item is not eligible for a coupon. (this is confusing based on the previous paragraph)

    A team member may call you to confirm any substitutions. The substitution will be indicated in your “Ready for Pick Up” email. You may refuse the substitution upon pickup, but this requires the team member to initiate a return for the item.

    Some items, such as gift cards and photo orders, are not eligible for substitutions.

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