Vons/Albertsons/Safeway stores: Now through 12/16/17 get $10 off wyb a $150 or more Visa or Mastercard gift card. Must activate J4U coupon. Limit one per account. $13.26 MM with a $150 load if you have Am Ex Blue Preferred.

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    Visa® Gift Cards or Mastercard Gift Card
    $10 OFF
    Visa® Gift Cards or Mastercard Gift Card, When you purchase $150 or more in Visa® or Mastercard gift cards. Limit 1 per household.*
    Offer Type: One-time Store Coupon
    Expires 12/16/17

    Like I said in the title of my post, it is a $13.26 MM if you have Am Ex Blue Preferred that gives 6% back on grocery purchases. I had 4 J4U accounts (one for four different family members) so I will make $53.04 off this deal. Even without any credit card bonus, it is a $4.05 MM.

    Also, the language in the offer says “$150 or more” so you could get a higher value Visa if you wanted to milk your 6% grocery rewards on the Blue Preferred card before they reset on January 1. Am Ex has a $6,000 spending cap on 6% rewards.

  • Thanks MrVietnam. More than pays for the $5.95 activation fee that always bothered me.

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    I’m done with this offer now. I bought 4 $300 cards (on 4 J4U accounts) using my Am Ex Blue Preferred card. After the built-in $4.05 overage and the 6% back for grocery store spending I figured I made just shy of $88 off this deal.

    On a side note, not sure why, but I did not receive any fuel points for any of my orders (1 at Vons and 3 at Albertsons). The last time I did a similar offer a few months ago I got double fuel points back which gave me a nice discount at the pump.

    Another observation is that evidently doesn’t come off on all of the variable load Visas. I tried one where the coupon didn’t come off. The ones that I tried that worked for me are the variable load Visa with all black packaging and the variable load Visa with flowers on the packaging. I recommend if you do this deal to get the Visa gift card instead of the MasterCard gift card. MasterCard does sequential account numbering which is very easy for the Dark Side to commit fraud and drain your funds. Visa card numbers are more unique and the account numbers are definitely not sequentially numbered.


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