CVS to close about 900 stores over next three years, as it shifts to digital strategy

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  • CVS might as well close the stores around here. No stock (even before Covid), sale tags rarely are in place, Red machines inop nearly all the time and crabby cashiers!!

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    This is quite a change, but I see it coming for more and more chain stores evaluating and changing with the consumer base. Our two CVS stores, one much older and smaller and one just a few years old and much bigger, both have excellent friendly helpful knowledgeable staff in the store and in the pharmacy. I use the newer one to fill prescriptions and my husband and I just got our Moderna booster shots there yesterday. I used to shop CVS once a week to take advantage of sales and get Register Rewards that I could spend on the next visit, but these days we go into town once or maybe twice a month to run errands and buy groceries. The short-dated Register Rewards expire before I can use them. We’re about a half-hour drive from town, so the time and gas is a consideration too. There isn’t much we need, and we watch the pennies carefully, so it’s not worth it for us to drive over to a CVS to buy stuff we can buy at the same or lower “sale” price at one of our regular stops or online with free home delivery.

  • Looking forward to their unadvertised clearance on booze.
    Stacks with MIRebates.

  • @dionaea CVS rewards are EXTRA CARE BUCKS not RR. They are valid for 30 days. Not sure where you actually shopped.


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