Mini Petco Stores to open inside some LOWE'S Home Improvement locations

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    Wonder if both Petco AND Lowes GC’s will be accepted here?

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    @mistercheap I suspect not. It will probably be like Lands End was in Sears. You couldn’t use Sears g.c. to pay for Lands End merchandise. Sounds like Petco is headed down the same path. First they trimmed the lines they carry. Now they are reducing the overhead of freestanding stores by renting retail space.

    Petco opened a store near me within the past 10 years. Their upper management must stink because I don’t think a store manager has lasted 2 years. The cans are dusty; the staff doesn’t have time to clean. That tells me that the managers don’t have a high enough budget to pay for more staff hours.

    My cats like normal cat food with additives, gluten & flavor enhancers. I’m definitely shopping less at Petco since they went “no artificial gluten free”. PetSmart carries both “normal” and gluten free foods. IDK how profitable cat litter is but most breeders and many pet owners have changed to wood pellets. They are a LOT cheaper. I used to pay ~$15 for 20 lbs of clay litter. Last summer I paid $2 per 40 lbs of wood pellets on FB marketplace. Tractor Supply even changed their packaging! Instead of “Equine Pelletized Bedding” its now “Pelletized Bedding for Horses and Small Animals” with a cat & a bunny sitting next to a horse.


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