Home Depot 11% Rebate - Select States - valid on in-store purchases from 02/27/22 - 03/19/22

  • Offer is valid in select locations in the following states: Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin. Full list of locations can be found on the PDF link.


  • This coincides with the resumption of Menard’s starting their 11% rebates. If you live in a state where there are Menard’s stores exist, Home Depot has traditionally matched them with their own rebate for the last several years. Also, the rebate period will likely continue through most of the rest of the year, for as long as Menard’s continues to offer their rebate.

  • Sure enough, another rebate period started this week. I expect this will continue for most of the year. Typically, this rebate begins in February and ends before Black Friday sales begin each year.

  • I updated title which I will have to continue to do as the offers dates change - until it really expires.

  • Menard’s has extended their rebate period again through 3/19. But as of Monday morning, HD has not updated their rebate site to match. It still allows only for purchases through 3/12. I hope this is just an oversight, and no that the rebate has ended. 🤔

    Update: Phew. HD has extended their rebate, too. I tried yesterday, and it wasn’t allowing a new purchase. But I tried just now, and it went through, even though the first pages still shows the rebate period ended 3/12.

    BTW, this thread should not be in Expired Deals.


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