Log In at RITEAID.com for Bonus Challenges, play scratch off game for 'free' bonus cash (ymmv)

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    First off, credit to @MrVietnam about his email alert on this yesterday. I checked my emails, didn’t receive anything. So I simply logged in at riteaid.com and went to the ‘bonus challenge’ area now up and a scratch off game was available to play (like what @MrVietnam described). Like him, I also won 3000 points that you can convert to BC (*$6)

    1. Log in at www.riteaid.com

    2. Click on the ‘get rewarded’ button

    3. at the next page, scroll down some and look for this area,click on it. you’ll find a scratch off game (one use per account) and your bonus challenges to choose for the month of March 2022.



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