Walgreens: Unlimited $2 Hallmark greeting cards for 33 cents each when purchased 3 at a time after $5 OYNO rolling Catalina that spits out each time you buy 3.

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    I was at Walgreens yesterday (9/24) and bought some Hallmark greeting cards. When I bought 3 cards a Catalina printed giving me $5 off my next Hallmark purchase. I used that Catalina and bought 3 more $2 cards for only a $1 after Catalina and sure enough a new $5 OYNO Hallmark Catalina printed out. So you can rinse and repeat as often as you like. On the way home from work I pass by several Walgreens. I will see if I can find a store with 99 cent cards, but with inflation that may be unlikely, but possible MM if you can find 99 cent cards, but the cheapest cards at the store I was at just had $2 cards, Even at 33 cents each, they are still cheaper than at Dollar Tree where they sell for 2 for $1.

    Of course, you will have to buy 3 $2 cards at regular price in order to get your first Catalina.

    The Catalinas that printed on 9/24 had an expiration date of 10/22 on them.

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    Just an update. Yes, some Walgreens still carry 99 cent cards. However, this offer may only be for Hallmark cards $2 or above. I bought two $2 cards and three 99 cent cards and I did NOT receive the Catalina coupon, so be forewarned… On the same day I did three previous transactions consisting of three $2 cards and in each of those instances, I DID receive the coupon.


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