BONUS CASH CHALLENGES: Good Opps to max out a number of challenges, ends Sat 12/17 (see post)

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    if you have any of the following BCC’s in your account that you have not yet selected or maxed out, here’s your chance to score up to $20 in BC on these pretty easily with sales/L2C coupons this week.

    1. SOFTSOAP - Many have $8 in tracking from BF freebies, max is $11 for many to another $2 in BC.

    The large Softsoap 50oz refill bottle is $3.99 after $2 IAQ (cashiers have a sheet to scan since there’s no more paper ads in the store). Buying this will max out the softsoap offer and cost you only about $1 after additional BC and $5/25 Flu coupon factored into a larger order

    1. GAIN Laundry items $6 back on $20 BCC offer for many.
      There are numerous GAIN L2C offer for $2-$3 ea depending on products. Seperate ones for flings and liquid, and scent boosters. The LARGE flings with 60 in them are on sale $15.94 with a $3 L2C, or 42ct $$12.94 with $3 off. Can pick/choose prices of various Gains for the $20 spend and pay about $10 net after $5/25, L2C’s and $6BC back.

    2. OralB $6BC on $20 BCC offer, Get $6BC on $20, $2L2C’s on flossers and power toothbrush, $7BC on 2 $6.99 sale items Limit 2. (note, same deal as the Crest $7bc on 2 running this week) Buy 4 items, spend $20-22 after L2C (add filler to use $5/25, like the softsoap above) Get back $14BC sale BC and $6 BCC making the Oral B stuff pretty much free.

    3. ARM & HAMMER Many have a $4.80 BCC on $16 spend. Detergents (smaller bottles) and Scent Boosters all on sale for $1.99 this week. Buy 9 for $17.91 and round out with other ‘stuff’ to hit $25 for $5/25 if you choose.


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