Free pc game "Chompy Chomp" (Steam key) @ Indiegala

  • Chompy

    Scroll to “mass giveaway” banner & click “x” in right corner. Must be logged into IndieGala & have Steam account linked.
    Regularly $6.99. Chompy Chomp Chomp is a maze-based multiplayer rampage in which Chompies chase each other around trying to eat their target colour Chompy. Underneath your Chompy’s feet you have a target the colour of the Chompy you need to eat. You get points for chomping, you lose points for being chomped. The target colours change at random, turning hunters into hunted and vice versa.

    Mostly positive @ Steam:

  • Aw, looks like I’m too late, the page doesn’t have the Mass Giveaway banner for me now.

    But thanks for pulling up all the background info. Sounds like this was one of their better giveaways.


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