HOT RITE AID B&M deals to 5/13 Free/MM Select Genexa, Dollar Shave, clearance items of note, etc

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    NOTE: Any and all deals listed are best bang when you can scrape together $40 in one order to earn the $10BC on $40 offer this week, there are 4 distinct bar codes (1x use each per RA account) as well as a $5/25 Q multi use, all will be linked at end of post. Can print or show on phone.

    1. Dollar Shave Club items are 50% off at many RA’s. There’s both a $3.50 L2C, a $3.50 Q and possibly a recent paper Q for $3.50 off 1. The Shave Gel cans are $3.24 each and the post shave cream is $3.75 after 50%. Can buy 2 on one receipt, both will be free/better than after L2C and rebate and offers above.

    Then after you buy, scan your receipt on FETCH for 2K points on each one, limit 5 redemeptions.

    1. Look for the KIDS GENEXA TUMMY RELIEF SENNA LAXATIVE, shelf tag may show $8-9.99 price, do price check. S/B $4.24 on loaded clearance, each will earn $8 BC, a $15MM on 4. (limit is 4 per card)
      Even more of a MM with top line offers mentioned.

    2. LaCroix 6 pack sparkling water (select flavors only) are on clearance for $2.09 (from $4.19) DO A PRICE CHECK (flavors in my area on KEY LIME, Limoncello and Razz-Cranberry ONLY)

    3. Nivea MENS Body Wash, $5.49 each, buy 4 in one order, total about $22, have the $2/1 insert Q scanned 4x (you may not be able to do this at all stores if cashier enforces limit 1 rule, however it will scan 4x on 4 bottles) coupon is found at in the weekly circular and can be printed from the website or screenshot to your phone.

    You will pay $14 net after Q’s and get back a double dip of $10 total in BC, making each $1 or free when you factor in the top line deals outlned.

    The Nivea gets you more than 1/2 way to the $40 spend to earn the $10BC on $40

    Link to 4 bar $10bc/40 codes (hit right arrow on photo to flip to all different ones)

    $5/25 multi use, expires on 5/14 (MOTHERS DAY)


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    This is what I got yesterday:
    4 Mens Nivea @ $5.49
    8 Natures Truth Vitamin E $2.99 ea, BOGO
    2 Glad Cling Wrap $4.19 ea.
    $42.30 - $10/$40 RA q - 4 @ $2/1 Nivea IAQ - 4 $3/2 Nature’s Truth mq; $10 wyb $40
    Paid $12xx in BC, earned $28 BC ($7 & $3 Nivea, $4, $4 Glad wrap, $10/$40), $7 Nivea BCC

    Next transaction: 4 Nivea Mens, 8 Nature Truth vitamin E, 2 Blue Diamond Almond (2/$6, earn $1 BC), candy filler.
    Paid $11xx BC, earned $21BC

    Last transaction: 6 Natures Truth Vitamin E - 3@ $3/2 mq. 3¢ filler
    Earned $10/$30 Nature’s Truth

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    Another good deal:

    A&H Toothpaste $5.49, buy 2 get $5 (limit 2 offers?) there’s a $1.50/1 IBOTTA limit 5 and a BCC on many accounts to earn about $6 on $28 spend. This gets you $27.45 of $40 spend.


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