Burger King $3000daily Crowns Contest (in app) Spend 50 crown points to enter after you order in app, earn 750crowns after you enter 9 days in contest period (also AMOE)

  • Global Moderator

    Burger King is running a new promotion to give away $3000 daily, and possibly $30,000 on select days.

    It’s a little complicated to write up in the post, so please go to the app and ‘sign up’ to participate in the ongoing contest.

    Basically each day you order in the app in the next 32 (?) days you get the chance to redeem 50 Crown points for an entry. You can redeem more points and/or do the AMOE (AMOE doesn’t count towards 9 days of entries)

    For each day you enter from redeeming points you earn a badge, do this 9 times, get 750 crown points. So basically a 300 points MM for enter one time times 9 days.

    The AMOE is also through the app, limit one entry per day. Look in the rules for the link to the AMOE within the APP, you then have to take a survey for the free entry.


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