Free picture postcard from Cat Monkey run - email request

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    Please only request one postcard for yourself or someone else. I have limited funds available for this project, however if you really want more than one ask and I’ll see what I can do.

    This is a personal project to send postcards of my art with a handwritten message to anyone that would like one.

    If you send me an email to the address below requesting a postcard and include your name (it can be a pseudonym) and full mailing address with country I’ll send you a picture postcard selected at random featuring one of my montage or photographic works.

    Why? We send fewer and fewer personal greetings by mail even though it’s a pleasant experience to receive a postcard that one can hold and pin to a cork board or attach to a fridge door, so I’m sending postcards to keep the tradition alive and in the hope one may brighten your day, or someone else’s; it certainly gives me pleasure to send them.

    I’ll send as soon as I can although not always immediately; it depends on availability of postcards or I may be traveling, busy, or temporarily out of funds.

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    Offer closed due to free sites.


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