Free/Cheap Mothers Day Hallmark Cards at WALGREENS B&M with various digital Q's.

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    Log into your Walgreens account, you should find as many as 5 digital coupons for HALLMARK Mother’s Day cards ($2.50/1, $2/1, $5/2, etc) see screenshot

    $2 Q is for a $2 card or higher

    $5 are for $2.50 cards or higher, etc.

    Q’s expire on Mothers Day. 0_1713702686940_Capture.JPG

  • Went to Walgreen’s today to find a couple Mother’s Day cards and got severe sticker shock. The cards were all around $6 each!! There was one section of cards for $2.50 but that did not have any Mother’s Day cards.

    I’ve been buying my cards at Dollar Tree, where they haven’t even inflated the prices to $1.25, they are still $1 each (or 2/$1 from the cheap section). I gave up on Walgreen’s and went to Dollar Tree, where I found two very nice cards.

    Did anyone have better luck than I did at Walgreen’s?


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