Credit Union Banks

  • Hi,
    How good are these Credit Union Banks ?
    Do they pay more interest for the savings account compared to regular banks ?
    Current Citibank account we have pays 0.10% as interest.
    Wondering if there are any popular credit union banks in Chicago area which are good
    and pay more interest rates.

    Any pros and cons on using this Credit Union Banks ( read some articles that you will not find ATMs for these banks, that is fine with me)

  • Global Moderator

    I would recommend Alliant Credit Union. They pay 0.65% on their Checking Account and 1.25% on their Savings Account. Only requirements for the Checking Account are receiving e-statements instead of by mailed statements and 1 electronic deposit per month. Only requirement for Savings Account is e-statements instead of mailed statements. They have a large network of ATM machines and offer $20 worth of ATM fees reimbursed per month if you need to use an ATM outside of their network. They do have a branch in Chicago at 11545 W. Touhy Avenue Chicago, IL 60666.

  • I recommend Alliant CU for those who do bank churning and use it as main hub for direct deposits. IME, it has also been very user friendly since I have their 3% Visa signature card which I use mainly for manufactured spending. They also gave me a huge credit line to work with. I’ll give 5 stars for this CU.


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