Free month of Amazon Prime if order delivered late (current Prime members only)

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    Still relevant after my initial post at FW, great to use during holiday orders…

    Came across this when one of my deliveries was late, can be used up to 12 times in a one year period. Contact customer support, let them know that the delivery is late, and asked for a free month. Thanks to for the wording to use in the request. I have used this several times for free months, works best during long weekends, weekends in general with Sunday delivery guarantee, and holiday peek shipping times.

    “Hello! My order, #XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX, was scheduled for delivery on the 18th, however, it has not arrived. I saw that Amazon will extend a Prime membership by a month if a package misses its delivery date. Am I eligible for that extension for this order not arriving on time?”

    After logging in, go to the link above, then select the item that was late. At the bottom of the page is a drop down menu, select where’s my stuff, then follow the prompts from there. There will be a place for you to type your message. Heard back from all of my requests by next day, with 100% approval.

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    I usually use chat, and have been successful almost every time. Although at some point they can’t give out any more extensions and they offer a $5 credit instead or something.

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    I suppose a good strategy to try to exploit this would be to process every item as an individual order. More of a pain to manage packages, and your UPS guy will probably start throwing the packages at your door, but the more deliveries, the better odds of one being late. Worth $100 per year? Not sure…

  • The last time That I used this was offered a free month or a 10.00 credit .The credit has more value

  • I try and order on a Friday, so they miss the Sunday delivery, it has worked several times for me.

    I also order things one item per day, to increase the odds of one being late. It has paid off very well over the years. I have even received a few smaller items up to about $15 for free, since they were late.

    I figured out it is easier to just send an email for me, it saves lots of chat wait time. I just say the shipment was late, and they get back to me in most cases in an hour or two. I find Amazon to have very cooperative CS workers.

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    Last time they were offering free 1 day shipping for the kindle deal. I took it and of course LaserShip missed the deadline (for 3/4 kindles). At least I got the kindle I needed that day.

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    Just got $10 credit on one order and a complete refund on a second $10.47 item because of weather delay. Maybe more come Monday, if the roads aren’t clear. Amazon has great customer service… Well on my way to making this a free Amazon year using student discount ($20.47 off of a $50 subscription).


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