Redbox Days of Deals Oct 6th - 15th - Text POP to 727272 once everyday for a unique 1 x use code off your rentals (amounts off vary)

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    Redbox is running another week long text them daily for a different code promotion in conjunction with their other Jolly time Popcorn offers.

    Text the word: POP to 727272 once each day to receive a text code back from them with a unique 1 x use code for varying amounts off a day’s rental.

    This promotion runs October 6th - 15th - codes expire on the 15th @ 11:59PM
    NOTE: If you haven’t previously signed up for their text program they will send a second Text with details about doing that.

    This coincides with specially marked boxes having Redbox codes inside them see the photo below for examples and the fine print.

    Store: Redbox

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    Note, not everyone receives the same offer, some get BOGO, some $1 off, some 50c off, etc.

  • Got a few low value codes only 😞

  • text PUSH to 727272

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    @riznick my understanding is, both work, but still the same offer, won’t get a new set of promos from a different text word.

  • Hmm, I got PUSH and DEALS on the same day.
    DEALS is part of the POP promotion. DEALS and POP wont work together on the same day. Those both give you a random offer.

    PUSH is guaranteed for 1 free rental this month. (if you get it to work). It’s worthy of it’s another thread, but I felt putting it here as an easter egg would be more fun 😉


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