Lowe's to sell Craftsman tools (Sears inches closer to abyss?)

  • Welcome CRAFTSMAN Fixers and Doers - Coming April 2 -
    The historically reliable, high-performance Craftsman tools are coming soon to Lowe’s. Backed by over a combined 150 years of commitment to excellence, Lowe’s and Craftsman are the perfect fit together.

    Trying hard not to notice that today is April Fool’s Day

  • Craftsman is a junk brand now, owned by Black & Decker. Lowe’s should stick with Kobalt, they look and feel better than the “new” craftsman. Still have my grandfather’s craftsman tools, now those are good.

  • @briarycliffs I agree about Kobalt tools, for the most part. They include a few gimmicky multi-purpose tools too, but not as many as Craftsman does (think “Extreme”, “Mach” and so on). Clunky and awkward, “solutions” in search of a problem…

  • 1000 Club

    craftsman’s evolv were a nightmare.


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