The GM costco event is back again this year

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    Exclusively for Costco members, purchase or lease an eligible 2017 and 2018 Chevy, Buick, GMC or Cadillac model and receive:*

    • GM Supplier Pricing
    • Most currently available GM incentives
    • Plus, a Costco Cash Card:
      - $700 for Executive Members
      - $300 for Gold Star and Business members

  • Not a Costco member, but we bought a 2018 Chevy Equinox a few weeks ago. The incentives were fantastic on the day we bought. My husband also got the GM Supplier Pricing. It saved us $1205.00, in addition to the other incentives.

    Just putting that out there, for anyone who might be on the fence about buying and who normally wouldn’t be eligible for the pricing feature.

    Here is the link for the GM Supplier Pricing:

    You can put in the info for the car(s) you’re considering and it’ll show you the supplier price plus available incentives.

  • you could also google the car’s invoice price, email the fleet manager of any dealership, and offer $500 over invoice. i hear that usually works (i wouldn’t know, i buy used cars)

  • @louis-redfoot

    We paid $2048.17 under invoice without any haggling.

  • No reason to EVER pay anything over invoice. That’s before any incentives. Depending on the model, you can often get a price lower than invoice. I always do my research and send emails to multiple dealers to get a price on a specific vehicle before ever sitting down at the dealer

  • I tried the Costco car buying service on our recent Buick purchase, back in April.
    For me it turned out to be yet another reason for me to blacklist Costco from my store options.
    I went trough all their steps, got countless sales emails and even numerous calls I didn’t want, and their best bottom line price was over $2000 more than I paid just walking in to a dealer they didn’t contact, with their weekly ad, and getting a few hundred more off, before I took the deal. My vehicle was $25,329 on the window, and $18,890 actual price with no trade. I sold my trade on craigslist and did $2250 better than the trade offer.
    My vehicle was a Chevy Days Tag , even though it was a Buick, and the exact same vehicle next to it, was $2800 more with out that tag, and the exact same msrp sticker. All of my Costco quotes were no trade price.
    The Costco offers were for the most part on much more expensive optioned vehicles than I asked for, I didn’t want the $2200 sunroof and suv roof rails package, I didn’t want the $600 to 900 special paint , and surely not the big gas guzzler v-6.
    I did cancel my Costco membership due to them giving out my phone info, and in general being a poor deal for me, with the $110 membership fee. And before you claim their gas is worth the membership, our Costco is the same price as many other stations that are easiler to get to, and I can buy discounted gas cards, and no long gas line like Costco is. The Costco insurance is double what my State Farm policy is as well.

    Yes look around and don’t be afraid to get several offers.

  • i’m telling you guys… the deals are in used cars. like hd here, you just have to do some homework. 100k miles? barely broken in by today’s standards. this is not your dad’s oldsmobile.

  • I personally have never found a good price on a used car via a dealer. I generally agree that used is better than new, but I have always been happy with buying new and driving it for at least 10 to 15 years before moving on.

  • @lorenw Yes Costco is terrible when it comes to car deals. Sometimes the dealer won’t even show you the Costco price. When you complain to Costco they simply ignore you.

  • @lorenw Another thing to consider with GMC. The Terrain is not selling well. They should be giving the 2017 model with the 2018 on the lot now. The terrain will be re-designed next year.

  • @tigremalo2001 said in The GM costco event is back again this year:

    @lorenw Yes Costco is terrible when it comes to car deals. Sometimes the dealer won’t even show you the Costco price. When you complain to Costco they simply ignore you.

    My experience is that it depends on the dealer. I have had some dealers that just ignore the Costco service and don’t follow Costco’s protocol and others that do. I have also found that the Costco auto service is really just an introductory service and I negotiate just as I would if I walked in off the street.


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