SavingStar minimum to cash out going up to $20 eff. 4-30-18

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    Dear SavingStar Member,

    Starting on 4/30/2018, the SavingStar payout minimum will move from $5 to $20. If you have over $5 in your account now and would like to take it out before this change takes place, please do so by 4/29/2018.

    Unrelated change: SavingStar now has “Walgreens owned Rite Aid” as one of the store options for uploading receipts as one does with Walmart. BUT it hasn’t worked yet. I’ve tried uploading repeatedly and get various messages about the file being too large. File isn’t too large. Same size file uploads for supermarket just fine. I emailed Support and they’re working on it.

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    $20? Ouch! I guess now they are similar in minimum cash out amounts to other sites such as Checkout 51.

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    @mrvietnam and Shop At Home

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    I’ve never paid attention to account balance as much as to whether or not I get the veggie deals for the month. I earn $10-$15 from S* ea month but if you don’t do it in 6 transactions then no veggies. I think it’s 6…


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