Rare eBay Referral Offer: Give $10, Get $10, YMMV

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    I can’t recall eBay ever offering a referral program so I thought this was worth posting, especially since you can also “refer” someone who hasn’t used their existing eBay account for at least 12 months and you can earn up to 10 vouchers.

    Refer a Friend. Give $10, Get $10: Introduce friends to eBay and you’ll both get rewarded!

    For a limited time, refer your friends to eBay and we’ll give you both $10 once they’ve made their first purchase.

    1. Share your referral link with friends who are new to eBay.

    2. They join and make a purchase.

    3. You’ll both get $10 to spend on eBay!


    What is the “Refer a Friend” Program?
    For a limited time, we are offering select US-based eBay members the opportunity to refer US-based friends to eBay and earn a $10 eBay voucher when the friend registers for an eBay account and makes his/her first purchase on eBay. Select US-based eBay members can also earn a $10 eBay voucher when they refer US-based friends who have an eBay account but have not made a purchase on eBay in the last 12 months and the friend makes a purchase on eBay. We will also give the friends a $10 eBay voucher. Some restrictions apply; see our terms and conditions for details.

    …You will receive a $10 voucher in your eBay account within ten (10) business days after your Friend’s purchase is completed (i.e. your Friend has paid for the item and the item has shipped). You can earn up to a maximum of $100 in vouchers by referring up to ten (10) Friends to eBay.

    Make sure you read the terms carefully to understand what vouchers may be used for, how returns of items paid with vouchers are handled, and restrictions against creating fake accounts.

  • Email subject: Share your love: Get $10 when friends shop eBay

    Thanks for the heads up, @fivetalents! The message wasn’t in my eBay inbox yesterday, but is today!


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