Free hot dog buns, any brand, up to $2.50 at Target and Walmart using the app (Use by 6/2/18)

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    My title to the thread said it all:

    Free hot dog buns, any variety, up to $2.50 at Target and Walmart using the app (Use by 6/2/18)

    I saw tand saved he coupon on my app for both Target and Walmart. What are the chances you can get afree pack of hot dog buns at BOTH Target and Walmart? The offer doesn’t say Target OR Walmart, it said Target AND Walmart.

  • Love these WM freebiesvia
    Wish I could order online via IBOTTA for another 2bucks back.

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    Just back from Target. My local Target had two brands of hot dog buns. One was Ball Park, on sale, for $2.49 (RR $2.89) for 8 buns and then there was some other brand, forgot the name, for a dollar-something for 8 buns. I got the Ball Park ones. On the receipt is just prints “Ballpark.” Doesn’t say hot dog buns. Hope that won’t be an issue. I already submitted my receipt and will let you know when it clears. They said to allow up to 5 days.

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    Today is the last day to submit your receipt.


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