$110 Home Depot eGift Card for $100 A/C w/App Download - Limit 3

  • use promo code: DEPOTDAD at checkout

    Offer ends 6/12/2018 or while supplies last.

    If you have a Chase Freedom card and check out with Paypal, save an additional 5% on your statement.https://www.gyft.com/


  • Thought today was my lucky day until I saw that I have to download an app in order to be able to make the purchase…is there any work-around, @ctgolfer?

  • I vote NO to app only deals

  • Global Moderator

    For app only deals, get a cheap smartphone or dust off an old one you kept after a previous phone upgrade (do a factory reset after backing up your data to delete all personal information). Use such phones on wifi only and don’t ever put/import any personal data into them. Then you can install as many apps as you want to take advantage of any in-app only deals without fear of your data being stolen or your device being infected with a virus/malware. This works well not only for one-off deals like this one, but also for ongoing/daily cash back apps like ibotta and coupons-dot-com, and recurring retailer in-app deals like those periodically oferred by eBay. If you don’t have an old phone laying around, maybe someone you know has one they can loan you or sell to you for cheap.


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