**Resolved** 2-minute waiting period for posts

  • I posted a comment to an item and shortly after that went to post a comment to another one but was told I had to wait 2 minutes before posting again. So I waited and then added my comment. However, my comment was posted twice.

     1.  Do you hold the post for the remaining time and then release it?  
     2.  Why do you have that wait time anyway?

  • Global Moderator

    MsRazzle, thanks for your post!

    I’ve forwarded it to our site admin for review.

  • administrators

    The wait time is there to prevent new users to go on a spam posting spree. It drops down to 10 seconds after you get 3 reputation (3 upvotes).

    I’m not sure why the post appeared twice. If someone can replicate, we can file a bug with the developers.

  • Global Moderator

    @msrazzle Can this request be marked as resolved?


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