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    a good deal of posts show up in Free Stuff that should be placed in Hot Deals.

    1. FREE STUFF = FREE from the get go. there is no money/oop cost to get the product at any point. Using a stamp on a mail in is the exception as you are paying for the postage to submit the offer, not for the product per se. However, shipping and handling on a ‘free product’ say $2.95, no longer makes an offer free.

    2. If the item is free due to a rebate, cb promotion, where you FIRST HAVE TO PAY, and then wait for your money back, the item is NOT FREE from the get-go.

    3. Printable coupons for free groceries/HBA that require a trip to a B&M store to redeem the offer go in B&M Grocery/Drug forum.

    4. Any item with a value of $10 or more that is ‘free’ goes in hot deals. Examples w/b software downloads, magazine-newspaper subscriptions, free music downloads (say an entire album where the retail value is $13, etc)

    Please help us avoid confusion on the boards by referring to the above and posting in the appropriate forums. Saves the mods a lot of work, avoids re-posts and the like.



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