Burger King App New Offer (10/9): Crispy Chicken Sandwich $1 & More

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    Burger King App Coupon: 1/4-lb Whopper Sandwich $1 & More

    Burger King [restaurant locator] offers via the Burger King App (iOS or Android): 1/4-lb Whopper Sandwich for $1. Please refer to your app store icon on your android or apple device to download the BK app.

    Additional coupon offers via the app:
    Family Bundle (2 Whopper Meals & 2 Cheeseburger Meals) $12.99
    Chicken Fries & 1 large fries $3
    10-pc Nuggets & 1 large fries $3
    Double Cheeseburger Meal (1 Double Cheeseburger, 1 small fries & 1 small soft drink) $3
    2 Chicken Jr Sandwiches, 1 small fries & 1 small soft drink $3.49
    2 Whooper Jr Sandwiches & 2 small fries $3.99
    2 Bacon Cheeseburger Meals (2 Bacon Cheeseburgers, 1 small fries & 1 small soft drink) $4
    2 Original Chicken Sandwiches & 2 small fries $4.99
    Crispy Chicken Meal (1 Crispy Chicken Sandwich, 1 small fries & 1 small soft drink) $5
    Whopper Jr Meal for Two (2 Whopper Jr’s, 2 small fries & 2 small soft drinks) $5
    Whopper Meal (1 Whopper, 1 small fries & 1 small soft drink) $5
    Whopper Meal for Two (2 Whoppers, 2 small fries & 2 small soft drinks) $8.99

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  • was waiting to see what they do…2)since Wendy’s has the free single daily (with any purchase)… been buying the 50. frosty and giving it to other customers. Dont like them…2) mcd. has been doing the 1.00 premium for months…now 2.00 in my area and only 1x per week. Plus Mcd has other deals. The 1.00 Mcd everyday with all the add ons is a bargain. Was waiting to see if BK responds. AND Dunkin Donuts has not done any offers in a few months. maybe they are reassessing.

  • seems like a 1 time deal. Used it Fri and it never came back.

  • I just noticed this on my app today.

    It’s a good deal. I stay away from fries and soft drinks but this is for the burger only.

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    $1 Crispy Chicken Sandwich offer now in app.


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