Sears Craftsman Evolv 10pc 1/4 inch Standard or Metric Socket Set $1.94 + FSP @ Sears

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    This 22pc kit for $5.94 is a good deal too.

    Craftsman Evolv 22 pc. 1/4" Drive Tool Set

    alt text

  • @ctgolfer In the Sears spirit of “self liquidation”, there’s all sorts of bargains now on tools, of which these two here are only two examples. You can see a list of over 400 more here:
    Sears tool buys, sorted $ low-to-high

    Unfortunately I don’t see the usual filter on the left panel for which have available “Shipping”, and many of these are only available for Sears store pickup (none left near me, sadly).
    However, imo some are even worth it even paying for shipping, especially if you have SYWR points to burn towards the item cost.

    In my case, this 50ft 12-3 extension cord for $15 seems like a good deal

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    @ukedog that extension cord is available for pick up today in my store. I got 2 of the 25’ ones when they clearanced those a few years ago. Really nice heavy cords. No idea what I’ll do with them but I have them… This one is billed as light duty but as picture shows would be good for tools. Also available at my store.

    I placed a order earlier this week. Using PayPal was an option and free shipping at $35. I’m not sure where I got the idea that PayPal was no longer an option and free shipping didn’t start until $50.

  • Thanks @UkeDog for the extension cord idea. I got the 100Ft 14/3 one for around $20, used up all my remaining points. Will pick it up from my local hometown store.

  • @my4mainecoons You likely got the PayPal not accepted idea from me, as that’s where I’m at with my account with Sears or Kmart, even though I’m a “VIP Gold, Max Annual” SYW member. Glad that you can still order using PayPal.

    The last two orders I was trying to pay only for shipping, using accumulated SYWR points to pay for the actual items. That might have something to do with it, dunno. Even more likely is that I no longer have a valid credit card associated with my Sears/Kmart account–and that ain’t gonna change!

    Btw I ended up using the Sears chat mechanism to complain about not being able to order those times (paying only for shipping), and their customer service generously ordered on my behalf, waving the shipping charge! As nice as that was, I’d rather not spend the time going to the well each time assuming this would happen again…

    I think the strange, sad, saga of Sears (and Kmart) is drawing near a close now. It’s been a great ride for deals for me though!

    Abtw those heavy extension cords are ideal for using with an emergency generator when your load to be powered is pretty far away. Less voltage drop, etc.


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