My Best Buy Members: Email Offer for In-Store Reward Certificate Savings $5 or more (Select Accounts)

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    Best Buy Mystery Certificate offer has returned (YMMV - Check your emails)
    Seems like it is that time of year again…

    The email subject for mine was “You’ve got a Mystery Reward to reveal.”

    Click the image that says “You might have $5,000 in certificates.” to bring you to the page with needed barcodes

    "We’re thanking you for being a My Best Buy member with this Mystery Reward certificate worth $5 to $5,000. Come into the store by 11/6/2019 and we’ll reveal the surprise.:

    The email has the link to the page needed to be printed.

    1. You must print this page to scan your Mystery Rewards certificate in store. (Barcodes cannot be scanned from a mobile phone.)

    2. Bring the Mystery Rewards certificate to your nearest Best Buy® store or Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home® store (outside of Best Buy stores) by 11/6/19. Ask a Customer Specialist to scan it to reveal the value. If the value of the Mystery Rewards certificate is:
      $5–$500, you may redeem it immediately through 11/6/19 at participating stores (not valid online).
      250,000 My Best Buy points (that’s $5,000 in My Best Buy certificates), please call the toll-free number printed on your receipt by 11:59:59 PM local time on 11/13/19.

    3. Redeem your certificate in a single transaction with a total purchase price equal to or greater than the value of the certificate.

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    1st barcode = shows value to cs rep - if trying to determine value but not yet ready to pay
    2nd barcode = your best buy reward member number
    3rd barcode = unique one-time use rewards cert that will give you the discount
    ** Cashier needs to scan 2nd & 3rd barcode when making the actual purchase (1st barcode won’t do anything)

    Promotional barcode value:

    1st Barcode - Value
    4 00063 68512 9 = $5

    Approx Odds:
    $5000 1 in 500,000
    $500 1 in 50,000
    $100 1 in 10,000
    $50 1 in 4,500
    $20 1 in 3,600 (last 4 digits 5167)
    $10 1 in 1000
    $5 1 in 1 (last 4 digits 5129)

    FYI: These DO NOT work on point of sale activation (POSA) gift cards anymore, including ones like Playstation and Xbox ones.


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