Free $25 Kroger Credit - First 4K - Twitter Required

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    No purchase necessary. Limited to first 4000 respondents. You will need to DM (direct messaged) them on Twitter and wait for a response.

    Must be a Kroger Loyalty member or join the program to redeem. Redeemable at any Kroger Co. family of stores that offers Pickup, excluding Harris Teeter. One per household.

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    @MrsGuin your posts lately are riddled with errors, misinformation, wrong areas/forums, etc.

    I am not going to fix your sloppiness, they are all being expired. Stopping spamming the boards with low quality posts.

    This is NOT a 'free" credit anyone can use, it’s a $25 credit against a PICK UP (YMMV since not all stores offer it) and possibly purchase of a required minimum Ie, $25 credit on $50 order.

    You have offers for PRINTABLE grocery Q’s where a trip is required to the store to redeem in Free, those go in grocery.

    Also, you have posted a number of ‘free’ forum posts that require a purchase to get the item free. they are not free!
    I’ve expired those. You also are posting two week trials in hot deals without any mention of a trial and sketchy websites offering these trials.

    Please, quality matters, posting 10 good and accurate posts is far more beneficial than 50 posts riddled with posting errors, false info, etc.


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