Rite Aid 8/23-8/29 ($16 MM wyb 4 Zim products in-store only a/ man Qs/BOGO sale/BC)

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    Online MM

    20% Cash Back For Online Purchases Sitewide on retailmenot.com! - expires 8/25/20
    UPDATE 8/24/20 12 pm PT 20% CB is dead - offer pulled early for unknown reasons
    $10 off orders of $40 or more: AVY-KB13-B3N7
    20% off your order with code BIGWIN
    You can only use one discount code per order. If your total order (before tax) is over $50 use BIGWIN to maximize savings, otherwise if it is under $50, use the $10 off $40 code.

    Some good deals this week for online purchases, while still in stock.

    The Embracepro strips are still giving 15BC when buying 2, so if you have not maxed out yet, purchase 2 for $15.98 (earn 15BC on purchase of 2), limit 4 monthly
    Add 4 Sally Hansen Complete Treatment Serum Hard As Nails for $2.49 (earn 5BC on purchase of 2), limit 2
    Add 4 Duracell batteries for $2.19 each (earn 5BC on purchase of 2), limit 2
    Add 1 Zim’s Max Freeze Pro Formula Liquid - 3 oz[i] $5.99 and earn 5BC on 1, limit 4 monthly if you have not maxed out yet
    Use SAVE1040 for $10 off $40 or BIGWIN for 20% off
    Earn 40BC (10 for Duracell, 10 for Sally Hansen, 15 for Embracepro, and 5 for Max Freeze)
    Get 20% back from RetailMeNotL RMN has very good customer service. If you don’t get your cashback, they just have you wait the normal time and then they will make it right. They have for me a few times. No BS like you will sometimes get from TCB.

    If the Embracepro strips are out, you could get 4 of the Max Freeze instead of 1, but it will cost you $2 more than the Embracepro strips.

    Compeed 12 ct are both in stock now & $7.99. It’s a slight MM if you buy the 2 different 12 ct ones, get $4 BC back & $10 on Ibotta with either online discount code.

    Duracell size 303/357/76 fits our cat laser pointer, fyi

    In Store Freebie

    Free Cold-Eeze! Check your clearance.
    Cold-eeze are on clearance for $1.99 in my store. There are $2/1 IPQs on the Cold-Eeze website. The coupon is a pdf, so you can print it to your hearts content.

    Note: The coupons did beep for me, so hopefully you cashier will push them through.


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    Mods: I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum. Please move to the Grocery & Drugstore forum. Thanks.

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    Some accounts have the BC challenge for SALLY HANSEN so addition MM.

                                                                                  RITE AID  OTC Health additional MM.

    Also, some good under $1 fillers if you should ever need to hit $40.

    Oreo Single Packs 59c
    Various school supplies from 49c (ruler)

    Natures Bounty Vits & Supplements are all BOGO this week, but are priced 1/2 price on the website, (only have to buy 1 for the sale) there’s also a $1/1 L2C card for these.

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    There’s a Zim’s product for $5.49 that also qualifies for the $5 bonuscash.

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    20% cash back expires on 8/25/20.

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    I ordered at about 8 am PT and my 20% cashback is now tracking: $6.55 x 2 ( I have two Wellness cards.)

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    20% CB is now dead at RMN, back to 6%

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    @mistercheap said in Rite Aid 8/23-8/29 (HURRY! Retailmenot is paying a whopping 20% cashback on online orders for a limited time - see my deal scenario for a nice MM - good way to roll your BC to get another month expiration):

    20% CB is now dead at RMN, back to 6%

    Yep, they pulled the deal early. I wonder why. I don’t even see 6% cashback when I look, it doesn’t list ANT cashback for Rite Aid although the $10 off $40 coupon is still listed.

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    If you didn’t do the Zim’s deal online already, you might consider doing the deal in-store, especially if you have 4 of the $4/1 coupons. Zim’s is BOGO this week in-store only (on page 7 of the ad). They are $9.99 each BOGO. You could buy 2 and get 2 free and use the $4 coupon for all 4 and get $5 Bonus Cash for all 4. It would amount to about a $16 MM wyb 4. Note the Bonus Cash offer is a monthly deal with a limit of 4.


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