FREE USPS Padded Mailing Envelopes no exp

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    @mrsguin said in FREE USPS Padded Mailing Envelopes:

    True, they are free padded mailing envelopes, but if you actually use them to mail something you will have to pay the rate for the type of mail that is stated on the envelope; i.e. Priority Mail Express flat rate rates, which probably aren’t cheap.

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    All Priority Mail packaging is free, not only the flat rate but the non-flat rate Priority Mail packaging. It just has to be Priority Mail.
    I use the flat rate padded envies fairly often. It was $7.52 last week for a 4 lb item.
    If you’re shipping something that’s over the 16 oz. limit for First Class then the next best is Priority Mail and padded envie is cheaper than a box.
    The weight limit for Priority Mail is 70 lbs.
    You cannot pay for the postage for a flat rate padded envie at the P.O. It can only be purchased online.

    I think the bigger deal is the Regional Rate boxes which not many people use.
    They are flat rate up to 15 lbs and cost depends on the distance.
    More than 1 lb. going within the region (West Coast, Mid west, etc.) can be as little as $4xx vs. flat rate padded envie is $7xx.
    You cannot pay for the postage for a Regional Rate box at the P.O. It can only be purchased online.

    Both the flat rate padded envies and the Regional Rate boxes must be ordered on line.
    They are not available at post offices.


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