IPVanish as little as $99 for 3yrs

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    I still have about 2yrs on my NORDVPN 3yr plan. But I was very dissatisfied
    with the speed slowdown I was getting. I’m in a high density heavy usage area,
    DFW, and on Spectrum 200Mbps. Without VPN, I was getting a respectable
    40-50Mbps during high usage times, which due to much higher all the time
    usage during the pandemic, even that was slower. Never ever above 20Mbps
    over Nord. I tried IPVanish for 1 month and instantly started getting non-VPN
    speeds using IPV. Before the 1 month ended, I switched to the $99 3yr plan.
    $99.99 for 3 years or $2.75/Month


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