CBS All Access - Free month for new or returning customers

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    Use code NFLCBS to start a new subscription or code FOOTBALL to restart a previous subscription (YMMV on restart - supposedly targeted, but who knows). Either way, one month free service. Just be sure to cancel before the month is over or you’ll be charged for the 2nd month.

    Coupon code above needs to be entered on the same screen that you give your Credit Card or Paypal info.

    Offer expires 9/26/20 at 11:59pm

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    The code FOOTBALL worked for me. I rarely watch this service, so I need to make sure to remember to cancel after 30 days or be charged. I tried canceling now to see if it would just let me watch until 10/20/20, and then automatically cancel like some services do, but once I canceled it canceled right away. When I wanted to cancel it offered me a free month, but it didn’t add that free month on top of my already free month. I guess when I get closer to renewal time it will probably add that free month on if offered at that time.

    I wish they would do without the coarse language on The Twilight Zone remakes, so my children could watch. I don’t see a reason why they need to have MA ratings. They should have been written in a more family friendly manner.

    One thing I learned is if you want the no commercial plan you need to choose it at the beginning BEFORE you enter the coupon, If you don’t and simply click on the upgrade tab later on they will charge you $9.99 immediately for the upgrade and the free month will not start until that paid month is over. Luckily I was able to get a refund, but they had to cancel my account, so I lost the free month. Luckily though I have multiple CBS All Access accounts, so I will take the free month on one of those accounts.

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    thanks @Connman


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