Amazon Temi Christmas Train Set Around Tree $49.99 or $29.99 (N Sure if Cpn will work) ExpUnk

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    @marvomatic said in Amazon Temi Christmas Train Set Around Tree $49.99 or $29.99 (N Sure if Cpn will work) ExpUnk:


    I added the coupon after the item was in my cart and the coupon does work. It takes off $20 for a promotional discount. However, the train set will arrive AFTER Christmas (on Tuesday, December 29th in my case) should I order it. They also give a $1 video credit if you choose non-rush shipping and get it on January 3rd. I guess if you are going to miss Christmas it doesn’t matter how far you missed it. Might be fun for the kids next year. I wonder after Christmas if the price will go down though. I don’t think Amazon price matches anything.

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    One question though is if you put this train set around the tree, where do you put all the presents? I doubt they would all fit in the interior of the train set circle (at least for my family). I see you can also connect the train set ELEVATED around the tree with connectors I assume they provide.

    It has decent reviews on Amazon, but one reviewer said the set is smaller than she expected and it isn’t very good quality. Another reviewer said: “It is a cute train set and it does look really cool in the tree. However the train doesn’t go on its own around the track. It gets stuck on the track and you have to told the track up for it to go the whole way around. It kind of ruins the magic of it all.” I will probably pass.

  • Cool! The coupon worked! Well I guess you can put the presents on the outside of the tracks, but I feel this would be a poor substitute. You could put the presents under the tree, and open them when it’s Christmas, since it says you’ll get them on January 3rd.


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