Rite Aid: non-marked 75% off clearance on non-HE bottles of Tide: 46 oz bottles for $2.49 and 92 oz bottles for $4.37 plus new $2 and $3 coupons in the 7/4 P&G insert (so a 92 oz bottle only $1.37 after coupon) and there is a P&G rebate available

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    Rite Aid: non-marked 75% off clearance on non-HE bottles of original scent Tide: 46 oz bottles for $2.49 and original scent 92 oz bottles for $4.37) plus there is a P&G rebate. The rebate is $5 back wys spend $20 or $15 back wys $50 on select P&G items, of which Tide is one of those select items.

    P&G Summer Olympics Rebate

    Buy $50 of select P&G products from May 30th 2021 to August 31st, 2021 and receive a $15 prepaid card or $20 to receive a $5 prepaid card. $50/$20 purchase total applies to the price paid after any coupon or discount has been applied. Trial and travel sizes are excluded. If purchase amount is less than $50/20 after a coupon or discount is applied, you will not qualify.

    Qualifying Brands: Tide, Gain, Bounce, Downy, Bounty, Olay, H&S, Aussie, Pantene, Old Spice, Always, Tampax, Gillette, Venus, Secret, Ivory, Safeguard and Crest toothpaste.

    Requests must be submitted online by September 14, 2021.

    Hat tip to Ravi Patel for sharing about the unmarked clearance

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    There were some Tide L2C coupons that expired yesterday. $3 off for the bigger bottle and $2 off for the smaller bottle. I went to several stores and was able to find 6 of the 92 oz bottles and 4 of the 46 oz bottles. There are new Tide coupons that came in today’s P&G insert if you get that in your area: $3 off for the bigger bottle and $2 off for the smaller bottle. With these new coupons in would make the 46 oz size bottle only 49 cents after coupon and the 92 oz size bottle only $1.37 after coupon. As a reminder, P&G rebates are always the price you paid AFTER any coupons were used.

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    I was able to find $50 worth after coupons of this clearance Tide (by visiting about 8 stores) and I have about 8 receipts. I just called P&G about their current rebate (P&G Summer Olympics Rebate) and they said indeed for this rebate there is no mail-in option, but she said multiple receipts are OK, but I have to scan them on one piece of paper as the system will only allow one receipt submission. She suggested shrinking down the receipts and only including pertinent information (store name, date, items purchased and amounts, and amount paid). A lot of what is on a receipt is extra verbiage and is not necessary. She says even though I shrink them down they can still zoom in and see the receipt information. She says if I get denied I can appeal it and they are aware of the issue. That would be really sweet to get 75% off Tide and I used $10 in digital L2C coupons (so I really got $60 of 75% off Tide) and on top of that get a $15 rebate, makes for some really cheap Tide.

    For those unable to find $50 worth, there is an option in this online rebate to buy $20 worth and get $5 back. A $50 spend gets you $15 back. Even though finding $50 worth is a tall task, requiring you go to many stores, buying $20 worth and getting the $5 rebate is very do-able.

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    @mrvietnam How much is a new washing machine going to cost after you put non-HE Tide in there?

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