NETFLIX Price Increases

  • Global Moderator

    Netflix raised monthly prices for its streaming service in the U.S and Canada on Friday.
    The monthly cost for the basic plan rose $1 to $9.99, the standard plan jumped from $13.99 to $15.49, and the premium plan rose from $17.99 to $19.99, according to Netflix’s website.

  • Sheesh, they are getting pricey for an on-demand service. Especially compared to the multiple sub-$5 options (for trials, at least) for lots of other streaming services. (Hulu for 99¢ a month with the BF promo, I also got three months of Discovery+ for 99¢ a month plus $13 back via SwagBucks, six months of Motortrend for 99¢ a month, two months of Showtime+ for 99¢ a month as a Prime add-on promo.) It’s become subscribe to Netflix to watch Stranger Things when new seasons begin and then drop them immediately.


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