Earn up to 25¢/gal Cash Back on Gas with the Upside app

  • Download the Upside app and use promo code: JNVBG when you register and get and extra 15¢/gal on first purchase. With the Upside app you can get up to $.25/gallon cash back on gas that you purchase at select stations. You can claim up to two offers a day for up to 50 gallons of gas per offer – that’s 100 gallons of gas per day!

    To use the app, search your local area and click “claim” for the station that you want to visit. Pay with your credit card at the station, and upload a picture of your receipt using the app to get the cash added to your account within a day or so.

    There is no minimum to withdraw to paypal, and a $5 minimum to get a check. You can also cash out for gift cards.

    How GetUpside gets you the best gas prices in the area:

    Claim an offer at a gas station near you
    Fill your tank & pay with any debit or credit card
    Snap a picture of your receipt
    That’s it! You’ll pay the gas prices on the station sign, but we’ll give you cash back, and you can cash out anytime via PayPal or check.

    Here are some new promo codes that work for new and existing users (go to profile and promo code to enter, these codes do stack)

    New Codes –
    COMEBACK6 to get 6 Cents off and SHOPPERS35 to get 35 cents off 2 fill ups.
    100mil to get 10 Cents off.
    7CENTBONUS to get 7 Cents off.
    Shopper20 to get 20 cents off your next 4
    21FOR21 – .21 cents off
    20KSECOND – .5 cents off
    INSTACART20 – .20 cents off next 4
    DOORDASH20 – .20 cents off next 4
    20K20 – $.20 off per gallon
    20Kpromo – $.05 off per gallon
    Upside7 – $.07 off per gallon

  • Global Moderator

    Like most apps that rely on participating merchants, this app can vary greatly from location to location.

    In my area, there’s hardly any gas stations to choose from making it rather worthless unfortunately.

    Before downloading the app, search for what’s in your area you may find useful.

  • lots of food/grocery in my area too. Do you upload receipt or CC tracker?


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