ACTIVATE NOW! Discover Cashback Bonus 5% back at Gas Stations and Target 4/1-6/30

  • Global Moderator

    gasoline at 5% back (23c a gallon at $4.50 gln) starts April 1. activation req’d to earn bonus.

  • 500 Club

    5% back on groceries through the end of this month.
    I bought Amazon g.c. at Shaw’s for 5% back then used Amazon g.c. to buy gas g.c.
    You earn 2x j4u on g.c. excluding gas, phone, Safeway et. al. and prepaid MC & Visa. Buying Amazon gets the 2x that just buying gas g.c. wouldn’t earn.
    $600 in g.c. earns 12 j4u Rewards. 12 j4u gets you $20/$20 groceries.
    Effectively 5% back on gas and free groceries.

    In past years I bought gas g.c. to max out the Gas bonus. I still have $400 Mobil g.c. left from last year. This is the first year I’ve maxed out the Grocery bonus.


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