Does Anyone Use Sunday Coupon Inserts Or A Similar Service?

  • Paper delivery in my area has become hit or miss, several times a month I have to call for credit for missed deliveries. The only reason I really subscribe is for the coupon inserts, and in my area I rarely get the high value coupons anymore. I thought about ordering inserts through a service like Sunday Coupon Inserts but just wanted to know if anyone has experience with them or something similar.

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    I use There you can see many sellers and pick one that is closest to you. The trick is to order as soon as you can, so by the time you receive your coupons the sale at the store you are planning to redeem the coupons is still going on and/or the store still has stock.

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    I used to get whole inserts but ended up with a lot of unused coupons. I also use CFM. I try to buy from the seller nearest to me and over the years have become a “preferred customer” :). She’ll make custom orders for me, e.g. 10 of 1 and 10 of another when she only has sets of 20 listed. There are a couple of sellers who get their inserts much earlier than others. I watch for them to list.

    Mail delivery has really messed up coupon delivery. I’m still waiting for an order placed 2/27 for a sale starting tomorrow. OTH, an order placed 3/2 from the same seller has arrived.


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