Cable companies to offer effectively free internet to low-income homes

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    The administration also launched to direct consumers on how to sign up for ACP and find local providers who are part of the program. It also plans to reach out to qualifying households through other federal aid programs they may receive, such as Pell Grants or Medicaid.

  • “low income” homes is too vague.
    Devil is always in the footnotes.

  • Eligibility is income-based, and the White House lays out two ways to qualify: Belong to a household whose income is no more than double the federal poverty level; that means a cap of $27,180 for one person, $36,620 for two, $46,060 for three, and $55,500 for four.

    Secondly, if you are eligible for any of the following government assistance programs:
    Supplemental Security Income
    Federal Public Housing Assistance
    Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
    National School Lunch Program
    Federal Pell Grants
    Certain Tribal assistance programs—among them Bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance, Head Start, Tribal TANF, and the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

  • Please note that as per a close friend, when she qualified for the ACP and had AT&T apply the discount to her internet, AT&T removed the ongoing discount(s) she had on her bundled cable so that her total bill for internet & cable actually went up! She has u-verse with AT&T and they refused to reapply the ongoing discounts to her bill which were supposed to be in effect through March 2023.


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