$3 off 5 Printable for Pepsi/Frito Lay Items (should work for most items in the line)

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    look for the pepsi/FL coupon, 2 prints per pc. expires 11/27

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    The question is whether it will scan on 5 bags of chips without beverages. It sounds like you have to purchase at least one multi-pack of beverage. This q is also available as a L2C at RA and will probably be a J4U.

    *When you buy FIVE (5) participating Pepsi- Cola Beverages and Frito-Lay Snacks

    Offer eligible on multi-packs only on the following beverage brands: Pepsi®️, Mtn Dew®️, Mtn Dew Energy®️, Rockstar®️, bubly®️, Sierra Mist®️, Mug®️ Root Beer, Manzanita Sol®️, and Brisk®️. Offer eligible on 5oz. or larger on the following snack brands: Fritos®️, Lay’s®️, Doritos®️, Tostitos®️, Ruffles®️, Cheetos®️, and Smartfood®️ Coupon back: CONSUMER: Only one coupon per purchase.*

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    Yes, it worked on 2 bags of doritos and 3 tubs of lay’s chips (like pringles) that have the ibotta rebate. Some said it worked on the large jug of Lipton tea, but it didn’t scan for me so I just bought the extra chips.


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