FREE Stuff Posts (That require redemption at a physical B&M establishment) vs Hot Deals Posts Update

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    Items that require you to visit a restaurant, convenience store, etc in PERSON to get the ‘free’ item should be placed in HD.

    Any offer to get a free sandwich, ice cream, drink (coffee, soda, etc) that you have to travel to the store and possibly use an App should get placed in HD.

    Free items that are obtained from the convenience of your home or computer (fill out a form, phone call, download (ebooks, software under $10, etc) go here in Free Stuff.

    We’ve been having posts showing up in both forums for things like free coffees and food at various chains so let’s streamline it to HD as that is the best place for them to be seen, and many offers are good for one day or one week, so expiration is an issue and people miss short duration freebies that require a trip to a B&M place to partake of.

    Anything grocery related, like free bag of chips at Big Lots with rewards, printable coupons, rebates with Venmo/Paypal should go in grocery/drug forum.

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