Swagbucks: Earn ongoing Swagbucks at local resturants (inc some fast food chains) with linked credit card, get $5 bonus (500 points) with first charge

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    I authorize my payment card network to monitor and share my transaction data made with my registered payment card at participating merchants with Swagbucks Local and its third party service providers (including Figg). Swagbucks Local shall obtain, provide, and/or use my transaction data to calculate my points, redeem rewards, enable card-linked offer(s) and to facilitate Swagbucks Local in accordance with the Swagbucks Local Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Card Linked Offer Terms. Swagbucks Local may share my transaction data with participating restaurants to determine if I am eligible to receive the offered reward.
    You may opt out of Swagbucks Local at any time by visiting the Linked Cards page and clicking the ‘X’ to unlink your card.

  • If you’re going to do SB, make sure to do the other cash back apps as they sometimes have overlapping restaurants/bars/breweries. I recently ate a local restaurant that was 4% back at SB, 18% back at Upside, 5% back at Dosh and 5% back with T-Mobile Dining. I also got $10 bonus offers with Upside and T-Mobile. So on a ~$54 bill, I got around $32 back. That was pretty unusual obviously but if you are going to go there anyway, might as well earn a few bucks back.

    Note, if you don’t have T-Mobile, Rakuten must use the same network as you can’t add cards to both apps at the same time. Now that I got my T-Mobile bonus, I’ll switch back to Rakuten since T-Mobile you have to build up $10 before you get credited, whereas Rakuten just comes back every quarter no matter how much you earned.


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