Burger King Crown Rewards will only have a six-month validty starting 7/1/23

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    Starting Ju​ly 1, 20​23, Crowns will expire on the first day of the month after the sixth month from the day your Crowns were earned.

    For example, if you earn 50 Crowns on Jan​uary 5, 20‌24 and 50 Crowns on Janu​ary 2​8, 20​24, those 100 Crowns will expire on Aug​ust 1, 20​24 if you don’t use them to redeem for BK® rewards by Aug​ust 1, 20​24.

    What happens on Ju​ly 1, 20​23 to the Crowns in my Account that I earned before this date?
    Any Crowns in your Account as of Ju​ly 1, 20​23 will expire in 1 year on Ju​ly 1, 20​24.
    To learn more about this change, please visit

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    Since many participate in this program, will leave in HD for one week, then move to DD to be sure everyone is aware of the changes.

    What isn’t clear is, will BK pull shorter expiry points first. For example if you have 3K points now that move to a one year expiration on 7/1/23, and you earn 750 new points from 7/1 to 10/31 and on 11/15 you redeem 750 points for a Whopper, will those be the 750 pulled you most recently earned that will expire prior to the ‘grandfathered’ points that go to 7/1/24.

  • My king, thou hast betrayed me.

  • @mistercheap yeah this was confusing to me as well; i do know the existing/previous policy was like a total expiration of all points, a year from the last time you made any purchase, and the faqs made that clear in the provided example. not sure why they couldn’t answer the most obvious potentially-confusing part along with this change, but…hopefully they’ll clarify and update the page soon


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