IMPORTANT CHANGES To Burger King Crown Rewards Points, effective 7/1/23 (update 9/7)

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    The ‘never expire’ Crowns points will become a thing of the past effective 7/1/23.

    New crown points earned starting on 7/1 will expire on the 1st of the month six months later, For example, if you earn 50 points on 7/5 and 80 points on 7/22/23, the 130 points earned in July 23, will expire on Feb 1, 2024.

    Existing crown points that are in your account and earned prior to 7/1/23 will expire on 7/1/2024. So if you’re sitting on a ‘bunch’ of points you need to use them by 6/30/24 or lose them. As for new points after 7/1, not sure how their system will pull redemption points. ie, those expiring sooner than 7/1/24 get pulled first over the points earned prior to 7/1/23.

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    UPDATE 9/8/23:

    Don’t forget about points expiring next 7/1/24. A little trick to get BOTH a free whopper w/points AND the free large fry weekly offer on one order (if not getting a drink)

    Add the fries offer/large fries and a whopper. CUSTOMIZE the whopper to have heavy tomatoes or lettuce for an extra 15c. Go to payment screen, click the 'USE 750 rewards" option for the Whopper. Your total will be 15c + tax.

    If you have a $0.00 balance it won’t let you order the free fries as it requires a payment of at least .01 on something on the order.


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