**Resolved** I got kicked out!

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    All of a sudden I couldn’t post!

    There was a message in bottom right of the screen that I needed to confirm my email address.
    So I clicked it.
    Just received email:
    Thank you for registering with PhatWallet Forums: Welcome Home to Savings!
    To fully activate your account, we need to verify that you own the email address you registered with.


  • @my4mainecoons - @dangeRuss has enabled verification to stop the flood of spammers who have recently descended upon us. A bit of a pain, yes, but keeps the forums from being flooded with trash.

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    I see that you’ve been posting in other threads since you submitted this support request @my4mainecoons my, so I’m marking this thread resolved. However, everyone is welcome to continue the discussion of this topic here, and ask for any additional help if needed.

    ETA: as @mikk1 indicated, once you verify your email address, full access to all of your account features will be restored.

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    @MrsGuin I sent the following to you via chat but I’m not sure you can read it without email verification, so I’m reposting here:

    RE your flag: “I’m having trouble posting. says I must confirm email that is never sent. Won’t let me pm mods or anyone for last 3 days. Says” you are unable to chat until email is confirmed." HELP!"

    Due to massive spam attacks, email verification has been enabled. Everyone must verify their email to re-enable full site access. Check your email for an account activation link from PWF (sounds like you did). If it’s not there yet, come back and click around this site/reload pages. You will see a little pop-up message at the bottom of the page asking you to verify your email. Click it and follow the instructions.

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    @MrsGuin Per your follow up flag “Fivetalents - But when I’ve tried clicking on it 4 the past 3 days I get an error message & nothing else happens.”

    I’m not sure why you get an error message. I’m pinging @dangeRuss to address what seems like a technical glitch with your account. Unfortunately, given the holiday, I’m not sure what his availability is like. I’ll also send this info to him via
    support@phatwalletforums.com (you can contact him through that address too outside of PWF/via email).

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    @MrsGuin If you’re still unable to verify your account, try clearing your cookies, closing your browser, and rebooting your computer. Also try to verify your account using a different browser and/or a mobile phone/tablet. If the glitch is not with your account but with some software incompatibilities, using a different device and/browser and clearing cookies might do the trick.

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    @MrsGuin I’ve manually verified your email account, and sent you an email. Not sure if you are having trouble receiving PhatWallet emails.

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    @dangeruss Thank you. RESOLVED


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