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    Maybe a deal if you run a restaurant. There are 3 eligible products:
    Reynolds Wrap Foodservice Aluminum Foil, 1000 Square Feet $55.71
    Hefty Disposable Plastic Cups, Red, 9 Ounce, 50 Count (Pack of 12), 600 Total $70.30
    Hefty Everyday Soak-Proof Foam Compartment Tray, White, 9 x 11 Inch, 40 Count (Pack of 6) 240 Total. $49.24

  • Global Moderator

    can’t say even with 25% off these prices are that great.

    the 50 count cups are 9oz, not the big 18oz cups.

    and now and then they have the 200ft Alumn. Foil on an S&S deal for about $7-8. which at $40 for 5 is the same as the 1000 ft price at 25% off or a little less. Plust that sucker takes up a whole lot of room on the counter.

  • Reynolds EZ Foil Super Broiler Pan 11.8inch X 8.5inch X 1.25inch, 4 Count (Pack of 12), 48 Broiler Pans. Total for $18.75, (.39 each) which in my opinion is a good deal. Broiler pans are hard to find, even Costco, has no broiler pans!

  • I’m seeing way more than 3 products…

    Anyway, this seems like a great deal - But I’m still working on a huge 205 sq ft roll I bought so I’ll pass for now.

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